Being born and raised in the state of Maryland, there's not much to do besides eat blue crabs, get into trouble, and go fishing. In high school we discovered three things: swim baits, hip hop, and street art. All have directly inspired the things we create now. Although I put the life of bombing trains and city streets away, I still find my release by painting each bait with high-end spray paints. The baits are my art of choice now, and the crossover from street art to bait making is more relatable than one may think. You destroy to create art, and now I create art meant to be destroyed; it's beautiful really. 

Here at Fish Everything, we want to bring an edge to the fishing industry. Yes, it is a way to relax, but we know that it's the short moments of battle between man and fish, sending adrenaline through our veins, that make fishing more than just a pastime, but who we are. We know that it is not just fishing... it's EVERYTHING, so when you fish with one of our lures, know that it's not just a fishing lure - it's a part of this great journey, a piece of all the energy from this lifestyle of chasing fish, and it's a tool to go to battle with those green, brown, and striped bass.

So cast on, chunk and wind, put in the time, do the grind, and catch the memory of a lifetime.

-Victor Deppe


Fish Everything

Design. Develop. Destroy.