Often times when you are around bait, and lots of it, you need to stand out from the crowd and make the fish react. This 23 pound striper was caught using the Burn & Pause technique. Crank down to the depth the bait is hanging out, then rip and reel 3-6 fett followed by an immediate pause. Vary the distance you burn and time you pause until the fish tell you how they want to eat the bait.


Most effective with the deep diving Hater models, crank the bait down quickly until you hit the bottom. Then continue your retrieve implementing pause and rod twitches after deflecting off of structure. Hold on, because that is usually when they will rip the rod out of your hand.


One of the easiest and most effective ways to utilize your shallow Hater. Parallel weed lines, lay downs, bluff walls and shadows. Retrieve the bait with the rod tip up; try to keep the line out of the water as much as you can on calm days, and reel slow and steady making the bait wake across the surface. Pause occasionally, especially just past funnel and pinch points. Try not to get too excited and rip the bait away from the fish if he misses, just pause and retrieve again and often they will come back around for the kill.