This is a made to order drop, meaning we have a surplus of blanks ready to be painted and we will paint the amount of baits needed as ordered. Please expect a minimum 3-6 week turn around for completion. If delays occur they will be announced through social media platforms. Refunds will not be awarded within the 3-6 week time frame.

7” Body (9” with tail) 
2.75 Ounces 
Slow sink with 1/0 hooks (1foot per second) 

Bait does not come with hooks or rings. Please use your favorite 1 or 1/0 sized hook with a 70-120 pound ring. 

The pin is left exposed for fine tuning. It is best fished on a 200/300 sized reel. A 400 size reel may require the bait to be adjusted to achieve a pure burn retrieve. 

Videos can be found on our IG platform @fisheverything for more in-depth information!

Paper weight “Blue Hue”



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