*SHIP DATE JAN30 2021*
The Papweight is anything but that. This bait has the capability of moving unlike any glide bait you have used in the past. The responsivness, profile, balance, and action is a perfect imitation of a fleeing baitfish. This is a bait that is stable enough to be given any retrieve speed desired, from a slow sweeping left and right, to a full burn of the reel. I recommend fishing this bait on a highspeed 200 or 300 size reel, a rod suited for treble hooks, and the line choice is purely preference. The PW is tuned to a desirable slow sink, it can be maniupulated to sink faster or slower with bigger or smaller hooks. The standard recommended hook is a 1/0, and 80 pound or higher split ring will be good. Please refer to our how to video on our Instagram TV for a visual reference on how to work the bait properly. Feel free to DM us via Instagram with any questions about the bait and please send pictures of your catches!

-7" Body
-Fiber tail (8.5-9" total length)
-12mm Gold eyes 
-Swiveling hook hangers (Front AND back - may take a moment to free themselves from paint and clear coat build up)
- 2.5 - 3 ounces on average 
- High impact automotive clear coat (6 coats for upgraded durability) 
- Airbrushed with high end paints and pearls in one session for proper adhesion and added durability 
- All around straight fire.

Paperweight Gizzy Shad



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