*SHIP DATE JAN 30 2021* 

Champagne Bone is a great pattern for many conditions, excells especially in tanic water, stained water, muddy water, or cloudy days. Its a personal favorite of mine. The bait is just at 9" long with the brush tail, and weighs around 2.5-2.75 ounces making it a perfect bait for most starter swimbait rods. Even with its light weight it has an excellent flight pattern and casts very well even on windy days. The PW will come stock with a 1/0 and 120 pound split ring on the front swiveling hook hanger, with a size 1 and 80 pound split ring on the rear swiveling hook hanger. we recomend using a high gear ratio reel to get the most performance out of the bait. 
	7" Body 9" with tail 
	2.5-2.75 Ounces
	Spro 230 Pound Swiveling Hook Hangers
	High quality 12MM 3D eyes
	Hand painted and hand weighted bait to bait
	Realistic fiber brush tail

Paperweight “Tennessee Shad”



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