Superior walk-the-dog and surface gliding action. Very easy to get going, and a handful of versatile retrieval speeds from a dead slow walk to a speedy back and forth slashing. As fall sets in it is a must have in the arsenal. We recommend using a soft tipped parabolic rod, with straight braided line (65-80lb test) or braid to a short mono leader. Although monofilament will be suitable if preferred. Straight braid will allow you to walk and glide the bait with half handle turns of the reel, which really cuts the fatigue way down on all day topwater sessions. We recommend 80lb split rings and 1/0 or size 1 hooks of your preference, dealers choice is a 1/0 Gammakatsu EWG short shank magic eye. If you are blown up on this bait and do not hook up it is important to stay calm and continue working the bait, it is common for a bass to come back 2-3 times for this bait before getting the hooks. Do not reel it in right away if they miss the bait. We recommend at least 3 foot of water clarity for this bait. And the hot walking bait bite for us is in the 60-75 degree water temp zone. 
Good luck and tight lines everyone! 

2.25-2.75 ounces 
3 swiveling hook hangers 
Durable high impact clear coat 

Slim Shad Gizzy



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