Taxi Trout in our “Light Rainbow Trout” pattern, featuring an emerald color-shift back, light pink body accents, and painted orange fins. Has great flash in the sun and clear water. 10” 4.5 oz, This bait is so highly tuned water temperature and elevation can effect sink rate. Bait will fish best under the surface - five foot under, we recommend having 2 pairs of hooks for this bait. It is tuned to be and XXSS / Suspend with a lightwire 1/0 hook and 80 pound ring (Included with the bait). With a heavier wire 2/0 hook and 120 pound ring you can make this bait turn into a SS (Heavier hook and ring not included). The magic in the Taxi-Trout is its extremely long glides and neurtral bouyancy, bass simply just cant tell its not the real thing. 


- 9.5"

- 4/4.5 Ounces

- Durable sillicone tail

- Hand tuned and weighted 

Taxi Trout 9.5” [Light Rainbow Trout] (DECEMBER 30TH SHIP DATE)



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