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Taxi Trout in our “Light Rainbow Trout” pattern, featuring an emerald color-shift back, light pink body accents, and painted orange fins. Has great flash in the sun and clear water. 

4.5 oz

F- Floating, floats with hooks, swims best with rod implications. Great for dead sticking in wind or erratic retrieves with excellent “rate of stall”.

XXSS- Sinks extremely slow with hooks. We recommend 20 pound mono/Fluoro for best results and having a pair of heavier hooks with you, this bait is so highly tuned water temperature and elevation can effect sink rate. Bait will fish best under the surface - five foot under. 

SS- Starts to descend right after glides, has less “rate of stall” but can be fished deep and out of sight with ease. More of a erratic chip chop and swing then the XXSS’s extremely wide glide. 

Taxi Trout 9.5” [Light Rainbow Trout]

Tail Color


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