Back after many months the Taxi Trout has acounted for tons of big fish over the country and even Australia. It is now known as one of the best swimming trout glides on the market. I think of the Taxi like riding a long board. Im not looking to do any tricks with this bait, but coast the open road at a nice steady pace. Making long wide sweeping glides putting the bass in a trance, or swimming fluidly along like nothing is amiss, all while still having the ability to be fished reactively for bigger angrier fish like Striped Bass, Pike and Musky. It is a 10", 4oz torpedo that has a slender easy to eat profile with no fins or anything to get in the way of the hooks. We recommend fishing this bait on a 3-400 sized slow speed reel. To get the widest possible glide 20 pound flurocarbon or monofiliment is also recommended. Although other lines will do just fine. 1/0 hooks of your choice and 80 pound or bigger rings. You can adjust the sink rate with different sized hooks and rings as the bait is tuned to just hardly float with no hardware attached. 



-8.5" Body 

- Durable sillicone tail (10" total length with tail) 

- 4 - 4.5 ounces

- Swiveling hook hangers (Front AND Back - may take a moment to free with paint and clear coat build up) 

-Magnum hardware 

- High impact automotive clear (6 coats for increased durability) 

- Airbrush painted in one session for proper paint adhesion and increased durability




Taxi Trout Basic Rainbow



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