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PB Series 
Taxi Shads

PB SERIES (Pearl Bone) now offering all sizes of the Taxi Shad in a Pearlized Bone finish.  This new color line is designed to do one thing: catch your Personal Best.

My own Personal Best large mouth and striper were both on Bone Taxi Shads and Haters. The Pearl finish creates an off-white oyster/eggshell appearance. This accelerates the appearance of aging in that clasic "bone look", all while adding just a hint of flash.  The PB Series is tuned and weighted to come stock ready to fish as an extra-slow sinking bait.

Specs below:


Pearl Bone 



Nine Inch

4.5 Ounces/XXS

March 2024 pricing $110


Seven Inch

2.5 ounces/XXS

March 2024 pricing $100


Six Inch

1.5 ounces/XXS

March 2024 pricing $90

Bone FTW

Pictures tell the story. Just get bit - PB on a PB

Bone gets Bit

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